The Meaning of War

What is the meaning of war..................

Why do we war?

  • We want to achieve something we lack. So, we fight and take it from others.
  • Someone forcefully want to make us to do something and we don't like the idea of doing that. So, we fight for our pride to do what we are comfortable of doing and to become free.
  • Someone don't like us and they want to take the power to forcefully control us. Here we also don't like that so we fight to save us.

When there is a war going on between two countries. Soldiers carry out their given orders to fight to win the battle. The opposition party treated as enemy who they must fight to win.



However not only soldiers get killed in war. Innocent citizens, children suffer those consequences as well. Robbery, rape, brutal killing these are some common consequences of war.

Where does humanity left between those two countries?

Morality! What is it really?

From ages of ages ago are ancestors had been battling.


To get justice, the power?

Then why those innocent citizens has to suffer to all of that immorality? Aren't they merely get in the way treated as weakling to sacrifice for greater future?


What do we do after war?

Build a monument to keep who has lost from us as a memory. Then what? Ages after ages we again fight with others.



History keep repeating itself, don't it? Who are we killing again? Ourselves.

There is always someone who makes the chaos and we all have to pay the cost.


Can't we stop war?

Every little fight grows into a big war between two countries, nations. The only identity we have is we all are human. Generally everyone has same things like us such as we all share the same sky, same world to live. Then can't we live together with everyone?

Simply saying, we can't. Because people are different. We do share same sky but we don't share same mind, same way of thinking. Problem arise when some people want to get power over other people. They like that and that way they find satisfaction to live like a king and can fulfill their own selfish desires.

There are some people who simply like to watch the world burns.

Truth to be told we do need a king, a leader to lead us. Not a controller to control us. None of us can deny that. Everyone is not like us.

Some like to follow others, some like to lead others and there are other people who like to live their life on their own way. Just like the way of nature. It gives us many things to live and also it takes many things from us and make our life a complete disaster.


Final Thought

Every living creatures want to survive. To survive they will do anything, anything even if it means to kill other. Survival instinct perhaps. So, there will always be a war whether that has any meaning or not.

Unfortunately, it will be repeated over and over again. But I hope someday people will realize the beauty in peace and live with everyone in harmony.