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AIMBOOK IS A HI-TEC SOCIAL MEDIA FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS Soon after forming the Government in January of 2009 the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina launched the programme of Digital Bangladesh to boost the economy and foster the social, education and infrastructure development of the country through the use of Hi-Tec, IT and ICT technologies. Mr. Sajeeb Wazed, the ICT Adviser to the Prime Minister dreamed Digital Bangladesh. The Government has assured all sorts of supports, help, cooperation and opportunities to all public and private entrepreneurs to invent, discover, establish, develop and promote the export-oriented and employment creation IT/ICT Industries and outsource-oriented businesses in the country. A few intelligent youths from the remote village in Bangladesh have initiated developing a new technology, called “Aimbook” which is comparatively faster, stronger, cheaper, easier and user-friendly with powerful security systems to protect data of each and every individual account as opposed to facebook. This is a new and advanced super hi-tec social media network for the future generations. There are many advanced features added in Aimbook which are not available in facebook. Aimbook can export jobs, products, services and outsource our expertise to foreign countries using our Aimbook super-hi-tec and create hundreds of millions employment all over the world. Thus the Aimbook users can earn huge amount of money everyday individually and the Government collectively. The youths are being derailed by using improper and inappropriate contents of different social media. They are getting addicted in watching immoral anti-social videos and losing their intellects and morals. As a result, terrorism, anti-social, use of drugs, rapes and other serious crimes are increasing in the society globally. If these derailed youths can be brought back to the right path by giving them the opportunities to earn by using our super-hi technology then hundreds of thousands of employment will be created. Thus the youths can build their golden future. The youths can become entrepreneurs by themselves and help others to become entrepreneurs. Our technology aims at self-educating the youths and creating self-employment. People of all walks of life can use our technology and earn a good amount of money every day while disseminating information to their friends and business partners as well as learning, sharing and collecting necessary information from the world of knowledge. This is our challenge to give the people opportunity to build their own future.